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SSH 1.2.27

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Summary: SSH is a program that will establish an secure encrypted connection
between two linux/UNIX computers with or w/o a username and password.


Two linux/UNIX based machines

tcp/ip connection between them


The first thing you need to do is download and install ssh from the link above once you've done that you can begin setting it up.
Then open linux, and type ssh-keygen and press <enter>.
If you want it to save the info to the default directory (<home>/.ssh/), press enter otherwise type any valid directory and file name.

If you want to have to type a passphrase then put one in if not then don't(simple really) :).
Now that you have your file, type cd .ssh and press <enter>. Then type
cp authorized_keys(must be US spelling or it won't work) and press <enter>
After that you need to ftp into the target machine(s) and upload the authorized_keys file to your <home>/.ssh directory on
the target machine.

Now at the promt from the first machine type ssh [user@]hostname and type yes and press <enter>
Type your passphrase if you specified one, after that you should be connected to host machine(but secure).

Congratulations You Have Used SSH. Successfully (I HOPE :) )